By Gakwerere

You will hear myopic oppressed Rwandans singing that they have a country called Rwanda. Regrettably, not realising that they are slaves in a land that has been occupied by Kagame and his brutal click of assassins. To Kagame, Rwanda is a personal property, an inherited wealth that he manages as he wishes as oppressed and deluded slaves cheer on. Slave mindset at play!

Today, he revokes citizenship of those he deems that he doesn’t want. He cancels passports of those he sees as unwanted. He has declared very many Rwandans as persona non grata, never to return in their own country. He has refused numerous from standing against him for the highest office, rating them as slaves with wishful thinking and throwing them in his dungeon for incarceration. State killings and other forms of human rights abuses are daily bread.

Criminal Paul Kagame’s behaviours to words his oppressed subjects is that of a master – slave relationship, that is why he behaves like a CEO of 18th century plantation in Tennessee, USA. This is why he spends most of his time travelling around the world on wasteful trips that have dried up the national coffers. He owns Rwanda! He lives and behaves like a king from an oil rich nation, but not a banana Republic.

Just imagine, in the month of May, the owner of Rwanda spent 20 days outside the country. The criminal junta left Rwanda on 8th/05/18 and returned on the 28th/05/18. The owner of Rwanda spend merely 5 days in his land, then left on 3rd/06/18 and travelled to Brussels – Belgium. He left Belgium on 7th/06/18 to Quebec Canada where he was invited as a chair of AU.

He left Canada on 10th/06/18 and arrived in Rwanda early morning 11th/06/18. On the 11th/06/18, he held various meetings with his security chiefs, these Gen James Kabarebe, Gen Mutiganda Francis of external, Gen Fred Ibingira reserved force, Gen Damali Muzungu of J3, Emmanuel Gasana Rurayi of police, Gen Dani Munyuza and on the 12th/06/18, he held another security meeting. In all these security meetings, Uganda and Kale Kayihura were the main subject.

After merely 24 hours in his own land – Rwanda, in the evening of 12th/06/18, he left Rwanda for Moscow to attending the world cup opening ceremony. Today, he has met president Vladimir Putin.

Tomorrow, the CEO of Rwanda consortium will be at the opening ceremony of the world cup, where he will watch a live opening game between Russian vs Saudi Arabia.

Did Rwanda qualify for the world cup? Is the junta in the world cup organising committee? Just wasting national resources of a heavily indebted banana Republic without any single remorse.

From the 8th/05/18 to present, Rwanda’s junta and owner of Rwanda has merely stayed in the country for only 6 days.

The veteran Voice of America journalist – Shaka Ssali referred to criminal Paul Kagame as “the Vasco da Gama, Christopher Columbus and Marco Polo combined in one.”

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