Meghan Markle Put Spotlight On Rwanda’s Child Poverty. Will She Come Back Now That She Is The Duchess of Essex?

Source: World Vision photo

By David Himbara

Meghan Markle used to be the global ambassador for the charity World Vision. She put the spotlight on the poorest of the poor among Rwandan rural children. In her visit to Rwanda in 2016, she visited many locations to meet children and their families — especially female children. She was particularly concerned about the lack of clean drinking water and sanitation and how this affected girls from poor families.

Unlike other stars in entertainment industry that get involved in causes in Rwanda, Markle did not socialize with the Rwandan ruler Kagame. She sought no limelight.

Evidently, Meghan Markle is an accomplished advocate for girls and women. At the age eleven, she was already advocating gender equality. Later in Toronto, she worked with the poor. Markle was to help put a global spotlight on the need for equality between women and men and the establishment of the women’s agency of the United Nations.



Here are some of Duchess Markle videos on her work with the poor in Rwanda in 2016.

The question is — now that Markle is the Duchess of Essex, will she continue her work with the Rwandan poor as an Ambassador for World Vision? I hope so. She approached Rwanda genuinely in pursuit of beliefs and commitment to gender equality. Unlike most American entertainers who go to Rwanda to mingle with power.

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