By Gakwerere

Yesterday after arriving in Kigali from what criminal Paul Kagame called a humiliating, disastrous and regrettable trip to Kampala Uganda, where he travelled for a one day meeting with his former adopted father, now nemesis – President Museni.

For those who think that yesterday’s Entebbe meeting solved anything, forget that, instead the meeting exacerbated the already worsening diplomatic stand between these two brotherly states.

Upon his arrival at village Urugwiro, a very furious criminal Paul Kagame called Gen James Kabarebe, the embattled James Musoni alias Radjabu, Gen Fred Ibingira, Gen Dan Munyuza, François Ngarambe, Francis kaboneka, Gen Emmanuel Gasana and Gen muzungu damali. As usual, a furious criminal – Paul Kagame had to find someone to rush his anger at, and the embattled minister – James Musoni was the culprit of Sunday night fuming courtesy of the narcissistic Paul Kagame.

Criminal Paul Kagame told the above members how president Museveni humiliated him and wondered how would someone invite a fellow president for the purpose of humiliating him. He also lamented the same words to the team which had travelled with him.

He also noted to both the team which had travelled with and the night panel at Village Urugwiro that “how would some body that you know very well all inches of his body treat you like that?” The furious junta lamented. We have to remember that criminal Paul Kagame was among the original few fighters who attacked Kabamba in 198, during the first NRA military attack.

Back to village Urugwiro, with the individuals whom he had summoned already at Village Urugwiro. After a brief lamenting on Museveni and his humiliating trip to Kampala. He then directed the anger which he had against President Museveni to his embattled former super minister James Musoni. Other participants supported their criminal Boss in laying down all the mistakes that James Musoni has always been doing. It was a deadly panel which judged the fate of James Musoni.

My very reliable informer who is close to this dossier confined that James Musoni was spat and slapped during Sunday night meeting at Village Urugwiro. Throughout the meeting James Musoni was crying like a baby and begging/asking for forgiveness while kneeling down.

The panel agreed that Musoni has to get ready to submit his resignation. Criminal Paul Kagame instructed Gen Dan Munyuza and Francis Kaboneka to totally dismantle James Musoni’s network in administration and in business. Dear Rwandans, trust this is going to be chaotic as James Musoni’s business partners are going to be hit hard in few days to come.

The chances of criminal Paul Kagame allowing James Musoni to roam the streets freely after being dumped are small, especially knowing the amount of dirty secrets that James Musoni knows about his boss – criminal Paul Kagame. James Musoni is a dead man walking.

When retarded, inept, buffoon sycophants and goons are fighting over spoils of war; don’t dare interfere. Let the greedy, poisonous assassins and the satanic system bury itself.

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