The case against the Rwigara family has been an exclusive attack by Paul Kagame

By Gakwerere

For weeks, the country has been plunged in court circus against the Rwigara family. The case against the Rwigara family has been an exclusive attack by criminal Paul Kagame towards the Rwigara family. It has been a personal attack against a single family, a family that he has been attacking for years. The attack which started by torture and eventual assassination of Assinapol Rwigara – the father, followed by the destruction of his four storey building, the closure of all business and personal bank accounts, the release of doctored nude photos of Diane Rwigara and being refused to stand for presidential election, the closure of the cigarette/tobacco company and the eventual incarceration of the Rwigara family.

For those who know criminal Paul Kagame very well, they will attest that the junta doesn’t like political uncertainty. Over years, he has solved political uncertainties or challenges through three dimensions; that is through buying off political opponents, incarceration and the third being assassination/Killings.

Since Diane Rwigara showed interests in the highest office – presidency, criminal Paul Kagame started rolling on ways to eliminate and shut this political uncertainty. According to information which I received today – from a very reliable source within the intelligence circle, the case against the Rwigara family was always the subject of briefing at Village Urugwiro, especially during sham the presidential campaign in which the criminal junta awarded himself 99%.

It was during this time that criminal Paul Kagame instructed his blue eyed boy, the head of National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) – Gen Joseph Nzabamwita to start building a case against the Rwigara family.

This soap opera which we have been witnessing in criminal Paul Kagame’s Kangaroo court is the blue print of Gen Joseph Nzabamwita under the blessing and guidance of the chief vampire, Paul Kagame.

According to my reliable contact, in trying to build this criminal case, Joseph Nzabamwita had to create a working relationship link between the Rwigara family and Rwanda National Congress (RNC), everyone knows how criminal Paul Kagame detest to his core RNC and anyone who prescribes to their ideology. For the last five years, he has invested heavily into destroying this organisation. And NISS had to fabricate a connection between the Rwigara family and RNC.

For the past 3 court hearings, we have heard the Rwigara family asking the presiding judge to demand the prosecution into handing them the prosecution/charge file so that they may prepare their defence, unfortunately the prosecution handed them a 600 pages document with no names or identity of the prosecution witness or any other evidence that the prosecution will be producing in court. As the defence lawyer noted, “it is a 600 pages document of nothing.”

In other words, the prosecution concealed all details in is case, a trend of all political fabricated cases in Rwanda.

The reasons behind these delays by the prosecution to provide the entire/necessary charge files to defence team is that, National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) is stilling struggling to fabricate what may be seen by the international community as a credible case. We have witnessed how some earlier accusations against the family were dropped.

For Diane, the case is on insurrection and forgery; her mother, Adeline, and Sister Anne have been charged with incitement and “discrimination and sectarianism”.

According to my source within Rwanda’s intelligence services; NISS has created four basic elements/groups to be included in this soap opera of a hearing.

1) The first group that NISS will be using in this fabricated case, will be former RNC operatives who are in one way or another in Kigali. For those who follow Rwandan politics will know how Major Emmanuel Nkubana, Mike Rwalinda and Captain Appolo Rugamya ended up in Kigali. How they ended up is Kigali is not a subject of today; but these three individual are witnesses that NISS is planning to produce as part of their prosecution witness. For a month, these three individuals have been helping NISS to produce a fabricated prosecution against the Rwigara family. As I write this post, these three men are living in an all exclusive mansion in Nyarutarama and enjoying all state luxuries.

We all remember how in 2012, in a DMI directed case against Victoire Ingabire, the prosecution produced Lt. Col Tharcisse Nditurende and Lt. Col Noel Habiyakare to act as witness against her; and the judgement was 15 years of incarceration.

2) The second element that the NISS is planning to produce in Court are the 4 colonels who were arrested in July of these year over fabricated charges of working with RNC. These colonels include Col Gishaija who was the head of criminal Paul Kagame’s close protection. Col Gishaija was incarcerated over first family issues but NISS is planning to produce him and his comrade as witnesses in this insurrection case. As officers who had contacts with the Rwigaras, RNC and P5. Part of the insurrection team!!

3) The third element/group is FDU party members who were arrested on 4th of September under false accusations of recruiting Rwandans to join an armed rebellion that they were planning to create in DRC Congo. They are planning to link this case to the Rwigaras. FDU is one of the parties in P5, a coalition of 5 political parties which are RNC, FDU, AMAHORO, PDP – IMANZI AND PS IMBERAKURI.

However on the 5th September, in order to give credence in what they are planning, the police spokesman Theos Badege created his own P5, removing Amahoro and PDP Imanze in the P5 platform, replacing them with FDLR and CNRD. Everyone knows how FDLR and CNRD don’t see eye to eye; still the Kigali fabricators put them in one political platform.

4) The fourth element that they are contemplating to introduce in this soap opera case, it is Goretti Kabuto who is a sister in-law to assassinated spy master – col Patrick Karegeya, who was arrested few months ago by plain clothes personnel from DMI, and she has been in incarceration since then.

According to this reliable source, the NISS is following closely the mood of the public, vigilantly following what is being written and posted on social media, following what is being said especially online opposition Radios.

The above elements are cards to be used by the prosecution team when the needs arise. According to this source, the tax avoidance case has just been shelved for a while, to be used in future when necessary.

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