President Paul Kagame of Rwanda

One day you might find yourself in a position of questioning, criticizing or challenging Paul Kagame and his criminal government for their perpetual assassinations, perennial killings and gross human rights violations in Rwanda, in Great Lakes Region, in Burundi, in RDC, in Uganda and elsewhere in the whole world, since 01/10/1990 up to date and onwards if they are not stopped! The way Paul Kagame has organized his Machiavellic system is proper to qualify it as a terrorist way he is using to victimize, abuse, persecute and imprisons one by one and in a planned and systematized manner all the outstanding people in Rwanda who are trying to be the voice of more than 85% population in unnecessary misery in Rwanda.

Before you express yourself about Kagame Paul and his royal military, police dictatorial regime you must check and be aware of which category he will put you in, in order to silence you, kidnap and make you disappear or assassinate you if you are not jailed between 15-20 years as go his charges always in these fabricated cases:

1. If you are a Hutu: Paul Kagame and his criminal government will fabricate crimes against you basing on Rwandan genocide for which he is even responsible. You will be accused of committing genocide in Rwanda either you are dead, alive or unborn yet. Either you were or you were not in Rwanda before, during or after 1994.

They will judge and charge you using this criminal law in view of trying to maintain themselves in power in Rwanda forever in order to evade justice for the rest of their life. You will be then jailed, or you will disappear or you will be forced into exile, where again you not even be sure that you are safe and secure as it has been the case for many now.

2. If you are a Tutsi: Paul Kagame and his criminal government will fabricate crimes against you using their criminal laws of tax evasion, threats to state security and of trying to overthrow the Kagame Paul dictatorial and royal dynastic regime.

They will silence you by using other Tutsi called Rwandan genocide survivor or other Hutus who are trophies of this criminal government and who have accepted to be their slaves for the sake of their own survival.

3. If you are a foreigner or any Organization: Kagame Paul and his criminal government will accuse of genocide denial and of failing to recognize that Kagame has a right to kill people because of his early childhood hardships. In New York September 2017, Kagame Paul confirmed this during his interview with the “Council for Foreign Affairs”. So your crime will be that, you will have failed to pay him homage and make him a hero for those he claims to have saved in Rwanda but now he is the one who seemingly should have the right to persecute, abuse and mistreat them the way he wants as his own gained property without any questioning him from any one!

4. Twa in Rwanda have been always discriminated against but if there could be any one of them who would fall into any one of these above categories, he will definitely face the same fate. Twa are not much talked about when it comes to Rwanda national issues. But they are also unfortunately victims of whatever tragedy that Rwanda goes through.

5. Since 01/10/1990 Paul Kagame/RPF Inkontanyi have killed more than 30 million of human being like you and me. Starting first from Uganda, and then in Rwanda, in Burundi, in RDC and in the world elsewhere and he is not ready to stop continuing assassinating people in the same way.

Kagame Paul seems to want people to accept by force that there is something great he has done exceptionally in Rwanda. That is why he advances too much the agenda of “miracle development.” This so called miracle development of Paul Kagame has been, is and will always remain a miracle because it has never been real. It has been unrealistic and built on lies, fabricated, false, manipulated economic figures over the years now. Kagame Paul has tried but in vain to pay a lot of money for lobbying and propaganda so that the agenda of his miracle development can be heard and appreciated by everyone but it has always been a unfulfilled dream, because it has a lot of lacunae, loopholes and very hard to prove compared to rampant poverty, hunger, and misery in Rwanda where more than 85% of the total population are living under below poverty level and can’t even afford any single meal in 3 days!

This is the criminal system that Kagame Paul has put in place and that calls a red line or the strong wall that anyone who opposes him will never know what has hit him. He can use it the way it is systematically listed here above or he can still mix them up so that he can still confuse those people who do not it yet and how he has designed it. All political opponents who are in prisons in Rwanda have faced and are continuing to face one or two of the above fabricated crimes and they are serving unreasonable charges for the crimes which have just fabricated by Kagame Paul/RPF against them for daring to speak up on national issues affecting Rwanda and which Kagame does not want anyone in this world to know about. When you keep quiet and do not challenge him you can remain in peace and not be touched but once you wake up and want to exercise your right of expressing yourself then you face these political fabricated crimes. You become an enemy of Kagame (=who has identified himself with Rwanda as country) when you raise a voice on national issues. Kagame does not want anything with freedom or any human rights to be exercised in Rwanda while he is still alive.

6. This is how I classify the killings of Paul Kagame since 1990 starting from the invasion of Rwanda on 01/10/1990 and exclusive of those killings that Kagame Paul committed while he was in Uganda when he was almost 16 years old because, those who know him say that he started killing people when he was an adolescent.

– 1990-2010: Kagame Paul/RPF Inkontanyi in their killings targeted mainly Hutus&Twa in Byumba, Kibungo, Ruhengeri, part of Kigali Ngali and Abagogwe, the Tutsi of Gisenyi in Bigogwe area and Mukingo, Nkuri and Abanyamurenge, the Tutsi of RDC.

– 2010-2017: Kagame Paul/RPF in their killings, without sparing Hutus &Twa too, targeted mainly Tutsi who started opposing him or challenging him or never wanted him to continue killing innocent people in Rwanda simply because they had too discovered that he was just killing for the sake of killing as a pleasure or as his hobby as if he has just been born only to kill.

– 2017-2034—2050 and beyond: Kagame Paul/RPF’s plans are of cleaning up now everyone in a more and very fast systematic way: they will be killing everyone, Hutus, Twa, Tutsi, foreigners, groups organizations without border,who will stand to tell them to stop killng people in Rwanda and elsewhere, because they have now become like disturbed “wasps” or “bees” or “fourmis”, after all their lies about Rwandan history has been discovered by everyone now in the world. The issue now is why should terrorism of Paul Kagame continues to be supported by even those who claim and pretend to fight against and prevent from terrorism in the world? Indeed Rwanda deserves better! And Rwanda freedom must come soon and very soon. It is too much now and enough is enough!

Amani Mahoro Peace

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