As much as we are eager and determined to liberate our country Rwanda from the powers and the hands of the serial killer and terrorist Paul Kagame, Rwandan people we still, at the same, remain powerless and desperate in our struggle before these great supporters of terrorism of Paul Kagame. In our endeavor to save and continue protecting our lives as Rwandan people who are the targets and victims of assassinations of Paul Kagame who continues killing us with his carnal passionate anger, we have to acknowledge at the same time that as far as he is still backed, funded and supported openly and publicly by EU, USA, UK. Paul Kagame will still be seen as a strong man and who has to be killing people with impunity. It is in this regard that I appeal to all the people with power, who love peace and who are pro-life to help us make these great supporters of terrorism in Rwanda be aware of their full responsibility in cooperating with the serial killer Paul Kagame in these killings.

These people and great organizations or countries which are supporting Kagame are the ones too which have the power to list whoever is in trend of fueling of terrorism in the world like Paul Kagame. EU, USA, UK,UN have to be made understand that as far as they are determined to continue protecting their citizens against terrorism from wherever it can comes from, the people of Rwanda too need to be protected from terrorism of Paul Kagame whom they have been sustaining regaredles of his gross human rights violations. One way and which is significant is to stop supporting this terrorism of the killer Kagame, the assassin without limit. Indeed when Kagame invaded Rwanda in 1990 he was being supported by Uganda. But his killings in Byumba, Kibungo, Ruhengeri, and in other parts of Rwanda were too unprecedented. When he grabbed power in Rwanda by guns and bullets in 1994 it was clearly seen that actually Uganda was not the only one who supported Kagame Paul but also USA,UK,UN,EU and other big countries in invading Rwanda and subdue it by military powers.

The 1990s guerrilla war of Paul Kagame ravaged Rwanda until he caused the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Now if really we want to liberate Rwanda completely and fully from him, these people and countries who are helping Kagame to kill his own citizens should be too told enough is enough. I have no idea about why the same people who say that they fight against terrorism in other countries are the same ones who are supporting terrorism in Rwanda. But one thing we all see is that the continuation of killing us Rwandan people is a result of a combination of many powerful men and some countries. Why is it so? They are the ones to tell us! What interests and benefits they are getting out endless deaths of Rwandan people? They can tell us so that we know why they have been determined to wipe away Rwandan people using Paul Kagame. Is the blood of Rwandan people different from the blood of the other people who are being protected by the same organizations and countries who are giving Kagame monetary funds and other support to use in killing us? Is the blood of Rwandans their source of riches and prosperity?

We Rwandans need to be told the reason why we continue to be assassinated, victimized, silenced and exiled in daylight and endlessly by the same organizations always! It is now high time to officially ask UN, USA, UK, EU and other countries to put Paul Kagame on the list of the wanted terrorist as he has been in terrorist acts and he has been killing Rwandan people since 01/10/1990. We have to ask them why they make this difference between Kagame Paul terrorism and other terrorists who are haunted for their crimes against humanity in the world. Kagame Paul will not stop killing Rwandan people as long he is being rewarded by his friends in some corners of the world. They are aware that the money they give him uses it to kill us but they keep on increasing it every day and more especially when they see that he has run mad like a disturbed wasp in killing.

EU, USA, UK, UN should make a declaration if they want to make Rwanda a desert or if they have other plans on Rwanda which must be evil of course as the situation is showing it now! We Rwandans are powerless before these powers in our fight to gain back our freedom taken from us by Kagame Paul. We need to be told why Kagame Paul, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Andrew Mwenda, EU, UK, USA, UN and other Kagame’s allies continue killing us Rwandans and they want to wipe us away from the face of the earth. Rwandan people if we continue keeping quiet Kagame Paul is determined to finish us one by one as he said it himself until he only remains with his own small group of trophies he wants! We Rwandan people know nationally and we will remember Paul Kagame as a serial killer and a great terrorist but who is heavily supported by great powers in the world! Could the same powers help us acknowledge Kagame Paul as such too and treat him as a terrible terrorist internationally as well? SOS FOR RWANDA!

Amani Mahoro Peace

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