Lt Col René Ngendahimana Defence and Military Spokesperson

By Dr Charles Kambanda

Reports of “unidentified” gunmen attacking some villages in the Southwestern region of Rwanda – former Cyangugu – yesterday, took many people by surprise. A similar ” attack” in the same area occurred a couple of weeks ago. This is scary not only because of people that lose life but also because, in both attacks, the official narrative is a little incoherent.

Kagame junta tabloids reported that the ” attack” occurred in Bugarama – Cyangugu; 8 people were injured and at least one person killed. The attackers are reported to have come from, and fled to, Burundi after the attack.

Kagame junta newspaper, IGIHE.com, claims it was a grenade attack that injured 8 people and killed 1 person. However, the junta mouthpiece did not report the place where the grenade attack took place:
( a) Were those 8 people in a market, a hospital, a private house?

( b) If it was a grenade attack, what about the gunmen the same newspaper claims slipped into Burundi?

( c) Why doesn’t the newspaper provide information about what those 8 or so victims of the grenade attack were doing together at the time of the grenade attack?

IGIHE.com – Mobile Version – Rusizi: Umuntu umwe yishwe arashwe,umunani bakomeretswa na gerenade http://mobile.igihe.com/…/rusizi-umurenge-wa-bugarama-wumvi…

A similar “attack” occurred a couple of weeks ago in the same region. Again, Kagame junta claimed that the ” attackers” fled into Burundi. Is it possible that Kagame security forces are not in the area that was hit by unidentified gunmen just a couple of weeks ago?

Other Kinyarwanda tabloids, citing reports from the community, reported intense fightingting between Kagame’s security forces and the “attackers”:

(d) Were the wounded and/or the dead civilians or were armed men and/or women ?

(e) Does Kagame junta stage these ” attacks” to justify crackdown on the junta’s real or perceived enemies? OR

( f) Could a civil war be shaping up in Rwanda?

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