Message from Sam Evidence Orikunda to Diane Shima Rwigara

Diane Shima Rwigara


My sister Diane Shima Rwigara,

Your Excellency madam, I’ve decided to address you like that because here in Uganda every person that stands as president is from that time referred to as “President” and therefore Qualifying to be addressed as your Excellency.. I write to you with dismay and devastation about what has been trending on social media here in your neighboring Country Uganda.
I had joy when I had about your announcement to stand against President Paul Kagame on the fact that we’re all youth and therefore share a lot in common.

Mukuruwangye (older sister) Here in Uganda people have been enjoying looking at pictures of a once famous lady who with alot strength made her voice straight and clear. My friend in Africa being in opposition is suicidal and inviting tornado to yourself.

But leaving that all side my dear sister there is a couple of Questions that are lingering in my minds and these are, Were you convinced that you would beat all the odds and emerge a winner? Were you going to stand all the Consequences that were coming with that decision you made? I leave the answers with you.

I intend not to hurt you or neither under look you in anyway but sound rhymes of praisal to you. I intend to send eulogy to those without shame released pictures of you naked forgetting all other options they had. I stand to hold your hand and so stronger to tell you that strong decisions come with strong affects Just like strong drugs come with strong side effects.

In your beautiful country my dear sister lies a number of powerful men, very handsome and with money. Beautiful ladies able enough to make every man salivate, strong women with everything it takes BUT you’re unique because you stood with confidence among all those.

On this continent we were born on Mukuruwangye (older sister) which our friends from the west named a black continent one can do anything to you including taking your life if you dare show any interest of taking his bread. Therefore whenever you’re in your room, lying on your bed or if your washing clothes always think about it before knowing the ability you’ve to take that plate away from him.

Mukuruwangye, I would surely love seeing you on an open roof vehicle waving at your supporters, I would love to watch you in the news on our small TV. I would love to see your amazing face on Campaign posters. I would love to hear a large volume of people shouting your name and I would love to pray your Campaign song on my handset.
Am therefore worried if you still Qualify to go ahead or if its against your Commandments.

I conclude this letter with an encouragement to you! With a whistle of joy and brotherly love.


Sam Evidence Orikunda

Your brother from Uganda.

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