Why supporting Diane Shima Rwigara is supporting democratic change, development and justice in Rwanda:

1. Her braving dictatorship of Kagame Paul is a good sign that she can stand to defend our constitution and sovereignty of our heritage please we vote for her for good of our national values in disappear.

2. She is the voice of the voiceless when others have been submitting to silencing terror of the regime governing using swords to kill all vocals of our land.

3. She has our nationals poverty at heart being among the first people to break the silence of our people dying of hunger and famine she has permanent solution I have no doubt!
we support her physically,morally,ideally and financially for the betterment of our people.

4. She is our fellow victim of the regime and her victimization and her rise is very big calling for justice!! Support her you are supporting justice in our land.

5. She has moved all parts of Rwanda and saw unemployment rate in youth and with her experience from birth to school its full of enterprise and am sure voting her is addressing unemployment challenges in Rwanda.

6. She is down to be accessible, her humbled heart before her tormentors is sign that her diplomacy will be of dialogues and peace talks therefore we vote her if we want Rwanda of peace and dialogue not war.
We vote her if we want Rwanda free from politics of aggression and bad relations with neighbors.

7. Her being born to industrialist Rwigara she will build native industrial based economy we support he to end economical dependency and foreign influence in our land.

8. She challenged corruption in health sector which has exploited our nationals who even ended with no drugs in dispensaries therefore voting her into power is health insurance to the poor exploited Rwandans.

9. Security she lost her her parent and friends in institutionalized insecurity voting her into power will be institutionalizing security and respect of human rights.

10. She has been critical on educational policy ,both quality and welfare of the teachers. Voting her it will be a blessing to parents and teachers therefore the concerned this is your time to save generations.

To all my fellow Rwandans and friends of Rwanda I call you to give support Diane Rwigara she is young and capable we are tired of old leaders who has come to dogmatic slant .
She has vision of building our economy, respect of human rights and democratic values not like this old blood hungry RPF candidate Kagame.

Kayumba Rugema

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