Rwandan Comedy: Kagame’s Chicken And Political Troubles

Kagame has banned chicken imports from Uganda and Europe. He says the chicken from the two regions may spread bird flu or avian influenza.

This has led to a crisis – no enough chicken in the Kagame republic. Three foreign companies that have set up shop to produce chicken in Rwanda are not producing enough. These foreign investors are:

* Singaporean-based investor Shumei Lam, who established Poultry East Africa Ltd.

* Flow Equity, an American firm that took over Rubirizi National Hatchery.

* South African businessman Themba Mashinini’s modern hatchery.

How is it that Kagame economic miracle has not equipped Rwandans to raise chicken for adequate supply? Hey Mr President, why not get Crystal Ventures Ltd to produce the stuff Sir?

On the political front, Kagame recently expressed shock on learning that his political opponent, Padiri Thomas Nahimana, was blocked from entering Rwanda to compete in the August 2017 elections. Nahimana and his team returned overseas after being stranded in Nairobi, Kenya.

With a straight face, Kagame blamed his own regime for denying a Rwandan to enter his own country.

Now we learn that Nahimana and team were blocked even much farther away from Rwanda. In Bruxelles, Belgium. Are we to believe that this time, too, Kagame does not know what just happened to Padiri?

What a political chicken operator the Rwandan ruler really is. Could be Kagame is chicken? The inquiring mind is not too chicken to dare pose these political chicken questions.

David Himbara

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