How Kagame Is Selling His Economic Mirage To Naive Africans

Rwanda is now being showcased to African businessmen and women who go to Kigali to participate in what is called “the five day experience of the Rwandese success story.” Targeting the Ghanaian business community, the first session will take place from 24 to 28 January 2017.

Each person pays US$2,450.00 to visit Rwanda to gain “lasting business ideas to grow their respective organizations.” This is how this scheme is being marketed in Ghana:

“Unlike other sub-Saharan economies, Rwanda currently undertakes most transactions including tax payments via electronic platforms in a bid to reduce corruption associated with face to face interaction…Now even in our airplane, RwandAir, you can have WIFI on board so it’s no longer the situation that you have to travel from say Ghana to Europe before you will be connected after you’ve got there. So even in aircrafts, everything is connected…We are promoting IT in the whole country. When you get to Rwanda, there are lots of amazing things to look out for including, the cities and cleanness, the lifestyle and others.”

Kagame is, of course, part of the promotional materials for selling the Rwandan experience. This is how Kagame’s role is marketed:

“We have indeed expanded our technology offers; from our airlines through to the commercial buses. Another way is that President Kagame himself is promoting IT in the country with his strong presence on social media platforms. This automatically attracts people to engage in the same way and makes it relatively cheaper to offer technology services.”

Could it be that the Kagame regime believes in its own lies that Rwanda has transformed into the Singapore of Africa? What will these business people gain for their US$2,450.00? Lord have mercy!

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David Himbara
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