Can Kagame’s New Times Be Termed Fake News?

Fake publications, also referred to as hoax news deliberately publish hoaxes, propaganda, and disinformation to drive an agenda. Fake news is not to be confused will news satire. While satire is for laughs fake news aims to mislead and profit from readers’ gullibility.. In other words, fake news promotes political falsehoods.

Now, look at the case of Kagame’s New Times using the example of its news about assembling cars in Rwanda. The headline of the story is as follows:

“German carmaker VW to set up assembly plant in Rwanda”

But in the body of the article you find:

“The memorandum of understanding (MOU)…was signed between Rwanda Development Board (RDB) chief executive Francis Gatare, and Thomas Schäfer, the chief executive of Volkswagen South Africa.

Schäfer told journalists that the firm will have accomplished its market research in Rwanda by May next year…”

In other words, a study to determine the feasibility of assembling cars in Rwanda is expected next year. So how then does New Times turn around announce this as a done deal while the research to justify is yet to be done?

Clearly, Kagame’s New Times is in business of Fake News. Expect more of this behaviour. This is election times in which the one and only one candidate – Kagame must be made a miracle maker.

David Himbara

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