Give Kagame A Hollywood Medal For Great Acting


Great acting is when you watch the person onscreen and not realize he or she are acting – you get immersed in the character as if the actor were real. And that is how Kagame appeared at his ruling party today – a great actor.

With a straight face Kagame claimed he did not know that Padiri Thomas Nahimana and his team were denied entry into their homeland.

Can you imagine that? How could he have missed that cruelty that last for so many days? Did not Rwandan media congregate at Kigali International only to learn Padiri was stranded in Nairobi denied to board Rwanda-bound flight? Did not Padiri and team camp at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for days? Was this news not on the BBC, VOA and other global media?

So was Kagame sleeping for a whole week to miss this, or he had visited another planet?

I am reminded of another great acting by this gentleman. As when he looked into the camera and said: “I will never change the constitution to stay in power. I am not your usual African dictator.” But a great actor he is, when the constitution was changed so he can grab power until 2034, the gentleman looked in the camera again and said: “Rwandans forced me to do it. I am not responsible for this.”

Give this man a ? medal ?

David  Himbara

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