Kagame Has No Shame – He Just Received A UN Award For Protecting The Environment

Under Kagame regime, we have lost much of Rwanda’s forest cover.

* Gishwati Forest Reserve was destroyed; * River Nyabarongo is now dirty brown from sand- and mineral mining as well as from cleared marshlands; * soil erosion is out of control; * River Nyabugogo is heavily polluted by untreated raw sewage from Kigali’s over 1 million population, commercial enterprise and industries; * and Rwanda does not yet have even a single sewage treatment plant.

But here is President Paul Kagame shamelessly conning the world that he is a leader in protecting the environment.

Here is how the UN described Kagame when it gave him the “Champions of the Earth” award – UN’s top environmental prize:

“He (Kagame) has placed the protection of the environment at the heart of Rwanda’s national development strategy, displaying an acute understanding that good environmental stewardship is vital for our economies and well-being…Rwanda’s commitment to ecosystem restoration, in particular, is proof that meeting environmental challenges can generate income and still meet growing consumption needs of a developing population. In fact, under Kagame’s leadership and vision, Rwanda has shown that countries stand to gain exponential economic benefits if ecosystems are kept healthy and productive.”

This man has no shame. Kagame is now totally caught up in the infamous belief that if you keep telling a big lie, people will believe.

But people eventually find out, especially when the liar no long has state power to suppress the truth. It is a matter of time that truth defeats the big lie.

David Himbara

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